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Do I have to pay for fuel myself?

Yes, fuel is at the renters expense, and renter refuels before return to the same level.


Am I insured if I have an accident?

Yes, all rental agreements are covered by liability.


How big is the own risk if I have an accident?

Accidents where the renter bears the blame trigger a deductible of DKK. 1500 if a low-risk deductible insurance has been purchased up front. Without purchase, the deductible is DKK. 10000.


What does it mean that a 100 KM is included in the rent?

When you rent a van, the rental price always reflects 100 kilometers driven per day.

If you rent a van for 2 days, you will of course get 200 KM, etc.

If you need more than 100 KM / day, you can buy them in advance when you book.


What is the minimum age to rent a van?

Renter must be at least 23 years old at the time of rental.


What should I bring when picking up?

Please bring;

Valid driving license.

Health insurance card with an address on it ( or similar ).

Credit card.

Debit cards are unfortunately not accepted.


Can I pay in cash?

Yes, the renter can pay in cash if a valid credit card is guaranteed at collection.


Can I drive abroad?

It depends on an individual estimate, but usually we allow driving within Europe´s borders.


Is long term rental possible?

In some cases, you can rent for a longer period than 30 days. Ask in the department.


Can I bring animals in the vans?

Yes, under normal circumstances and where it is safe, you can bring animals if they are transported in a suitable box / cage.


When will I get my deposit refunded?

The speed of the repayment depends on which bank and on which day of the week the repayment takes place, but usually it takes place within 3-5 banking days.


Can I drive a large van w. lift with my regular driving license?

Yes, all our vans can be driven with an ordinary driving license, (danish) category B. However, we recommend  that you pay extra attention to maneuvers, espeically when driving in inner Copenhagen where cyclists and blind spots make driving more challenging.


Is online credit card payment secure?

We always use a secure line (128 bit SSL encrypted) that complies with all applicable online payment rules and is certified by our payment intermediary.


What if the van breaks down?

All our vans are regularly serviced and therefore it is rare that we experience breakdowns, but in case you need roadside assistance, we are affiliated with Tophjælp 24/7, both here in Denmark and abroad.

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